Half Girl, Half Sage

I’m truly sorry that my posts have descended into nauseating snapshots of family life. I never wanted to be one of those posters. But I just love how life is panning out at the moment after the marathon of the last few years.

Tonight, my daughter took it upon herself to hurtle about the flat, box on head, declaring “I’m a robot…” Look no further than the influence of Not a Box. A great book. Just ask half girl, half box for a recommendation.

Afterwards, we sat and watched Abney and Teal, eating dinner (how gauche) I looked at the three of us, happy, relaxed, together and thinking of De La Soul’s “Magic Number” when Monkeyface (whom I am daily becoming more irritatingly convinced is an intuitive sage) declared “it’s alright now mummy.”

I know it is, Mimi, I know it is.


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