There may be trouble ahead

It’s been a few days since I blogged, but we’ve had an eventful and happy few days.

On Friday we went to see Monkey-face’s grandmother and then on to the zoo on Saturday – which Monkey-face loved. Really loved. We read at grandma’s – mainly Snail and the Whale, but also one of the BBC’s “bookisations” of the Charlie and Lola series, based on Lauren Child’s stories. The book grandma book was a gift package, complete with a beanie Sizzles that the Monkey has not let out of her sight. The book isn’t up to much. Good work, grandma.

On Sunday, we went to the park and fed the ducks and geese, played among the Victorian dinosaurs, visited the farm animals and played on the slide and swings. It was picture perfect and we were really happy. Somewhere along the way, I lost the phone and the pictures of the day on it. The latter are what pains me more than the phone which had become very unstable lately.

No reading occured on Sunday, nor on Monday, as from the moment she woke up, the spectre of teething appeared. I often wonder whether this is anybody else’s experience of teething, because I haven’t met anyone else coping with this.

When I arrived at the childminder who was in a state of mild panic at her temperature -Monkey-face vomited and continued to do so. When we finally got to take her temperature, when it had dropped slightly, it read 91 but from experience I could have guessed that was what it would be.

So that is that. A few days of battling to prevent vomit and to get fluids and drugs into her lie ahead and with good luck, a tooth will appear soon.

Hopefully we’ll also manage a few books too.



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