Emergency service

I know I talk from time to time about my adoration for smart phones and the iPhone in particular, but today I had another instance where the Kindle app on iPhone saved my bacon.

A week ago I lost my iPhone and – By the Power of Apple – I still have my contacts, my downloaded music and my downloaded books. Kindle even still knows that I’ve still only read 61 pages of Great Expectations. Which is a bother as I have only a week to finish it!

This afternoon we were uncomfortably close to a horrific accident just ahead of us on the M42. Both directions of the motorway were closed for hours and we were only able to get off the motorway after the highways agency took out the central reservation and allowed us to leave via the northbound carriageway. For most of this unnerving time, the Monkey (who hasn’t been well and even more likely to vomit than usual) was asleep. But two hours into our campout on the fast lane, she awoke and shortly afterwards quickly needed calming down because we were neither moving nor could she get out. I dont ordinarily have books in the car as the vehicle is generally moving and they do nothing for a car sick infant. I did have my husband’s old iPhone however and had reinstalled Kindle with a couple of children’s books downloaded, among them Neville. by Norton Juster. This is a story for children older than the monkey, of a fed-up lonely little boy who has just moved house and how he manages meeting the kids in his neighbourhood. Soon all three of us were sitting in our car, shouting “Neville” and laughing, among the hundreds of other stuck cars stuck there. It was a while longer til we could get moving and start our journey all over again (in fact we are still travelling.) But Monkeyface was cheered up by a book, albeit in e format, just when she was unravelling and when we all needed to stay calm. Books to the rescue, whatever their form, once again.


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