Has anyone seen my monster?

With excitement and big life events comes the break in routine we crave as adults but which unsettles toddlers. With that comes tantrums, a new era of which we appear to have ushered in.

Mr bookandbed and I are from a time of austerity measures when it came to child discipline – that I was rather meek and forlorn I take as a sign that the parenting techniques used with me are not ones that I would recommend. Is it possible to be depressed at five or six or seven? Either way, when your kids are throwing whatever they just demanded and hollering ‘NOOOO’ then I agree it’s difficult to keep faith with the techniques you are using.

It’s also difficult to stick with the daily reading, when that time is taken up with discipline and timeout. The only book she is repeatedly asking for is Love Monster – and I have no idea when the last sighting of that was.

So. We are committed to a slightly less frenetic few weeks ahead and getting Monkeyface back on track, in a routine and reading again, finding Love Monster and losing the tyrant Terrible Two Monster who has come to live with us.


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