The potty’s still not the place

Sensitivity warning- bathroom activities are mentioned in this post.

In the strange arc of coincidence or irony that is my life and probably the life of every parent, just as I’ve struggled for two days to not visit the bathroom every thirty minutes, my daughter has declined not to go at all for the same period of time. (I should be clear here that I do not mean wee.)

So why did it occur to me to mention the potty again to her at all? (Probably because this should be at to the forfront of my daily thinking, what with her being 2, which of course, it isn’t.)

Monkeyface hates the potty even more than she hates pooing in public. She has poo issues and has to hide behind the chair, (which we hilariously call poo corner. No wonder she has issues.) Sometimes our little dictator decrees we have to leave the room during these bathroom breaks.
She will tell us that she needs to have her nappy changed when she is wet and even tells you she has done a poo. Except a poo is actually a wee, according to her. But if she actually has pooed she will hide, as discussed, and when it’s all over, she will deny she has and be so displeased about changing her nappy that it has on occasion resembled THAT poo scene in Trainspotting. I’m sorry, I did warn you.

If, like me, you are wondering why a post about books has transformed into a post highly disagreeable for breakfast reading, it’s because once again I resorted to a book to try and help the monkey through her potty phobia. This morning I had a win with Tony Ross’ I Want My Potty. I coaxed her out from behind the chair with a homemade golden crown and the question “do you want to be a princess and sit on the potty with your crown?”
Out she came and – get this – willingly plonked herself down. Extra kudos as she actually let me remove her nappy and trousers. Amazed. The potty remains unchristened but Wonder! Is there nothing a gal won’t do for a bit of bling?


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