I’m really eagerly awaiting this book‘s arrival from Amazon, although it’s been on order forever. Last night, I was reminded why I ordered it in the first place.





Monkey was perched on her potty (we got another direct hit last night. Hurrah for wee!), insistent that we draw. Inspiration was low last night so I doodled and she defaced.

I drew a heart in a lovely teal-blue (right-hand crayon). Aquas and turquoises are always colours my husband and I see differently: I see blues, he sees greens. The exchange that followed with Monkey eerily echoed those differences of perspective I have with my husband!

Monkey: “sa green heart!”

Bookandbed: “It’s blue my dear”

Monkey: “No mummy, it’s green.”

Me:”It’s a greeny-blue, darling”

Monkey (under her breath): “it’s green”

Outnumbered. I need that Pantone book, Amazon. Despatch soonest.


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