When everything’s thrown at you

Our weekend had an endofdays, trials of Job vibe to it, with poo, wee, snot, tears, rain and bruises. Like Job, kind of, we endured and despite everything managed some parenting and some reading this weekend.

Monkeyface was challenged and challenging but still managed to be loving and sweet and for the most part compliant, despite everything.
Even when she was already poorly and i slipped carrying her home during a timely break in the torrential rain we’ve been having, and we hit the ground in a most undignified manner, she still gave me a kiss and a hug whilst i stood there, hurt and shaking. She was fortuitously and coincidentally still wearing her crash helmet!)

The monkey has been short on appetite and sleep but was soothed by a discovery of Wallace and Gromit and Ladybird books. I had all of these book as a kid (and still have them in mum’s loft.) I was transported back to my own childhood reading although the versions I have for her seem quite dull and 2 dimensional compared to my own remembrances of them. Was my own copy of The Enormous Turnip as anodyne or am I just reading them now without a child’s vivid imagination, hearing such stories for the first time?

I love how she now snuggles into me and asks me what the words say.
I’m so grateful there are still years of this ahead.
I’m also grateful for kiddy helmets. And that it’s stopped raining.


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