Every letter makes a sound

I awoke (and so did my neighbours – I know, I heard them in the bathroom) bolt upright at 3am when the Monkeyface began screaming “I need the toilet.” I think, in potty-training terms, this is supposed to be progress. Or it would be if she did this during the daytime. My neighbours are moving out soon – the landlord is moving back in. They were quite disappointed by that so at least we’re doing our bit to help them embrace change.

Fast forward to this morning and we are all so battered that there is no time to get her to use the potty before we herd her out of the door. And head to work. I’ve caught her teething cold and wonder if there will ever be a time again when I can get through two weeks before something strikes me down again.

The very first thing she did once out of bed this morning was to grab her Leapfrog Magnetic phonics gadget and before I’d even propped myself up with a cup of tea, “every letter makes a sound, oh says o” was ringing around the flat. Time was, whatever xfm woke me up playing would rattle through the brain cells for the rest of that day. I stopped listening at breakfast once I got caught out by Razorlight’s In America one two many times. Yesterday’s top tune was “eye says i and eyes says eye” so at least I get a different set of lyrics today.
I shouldn’t complain even though it’s what I do best. This morning she handed me the letter p and announced “p is for Pauline”


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