All this happiness

Casting aside the necessity of dealing with couriers and redeliveries, I love online shopping, not that I can afford to do wild amounts of it, any more. The resulting parcels fill the void left by email and texting. Otherwise, the things in my pigeon-hole are just a visual todo list: things I’ve now got to take upstairs with me in order to just shred and recycle them, unopened.

So loathe am I to bring anything unbidden into my home, there’s been quite a stash of mail piling up for us, downstairs. This morning, I actually bit the bullet to bring it in and put it into piles. To my delight, nestled within the bills and the toddler-merchandise catalogues, was a thin, brightly coloured envelope containing I knew not what.

Amazingly, it didn’t get thrown into the bin as spam. to my delight, inside contained a little gem of a book: Topsy and Tim Meet the Monsters.

This book probably isn’t going to capture Monkeyface’s imagination. Nor is it a stunning story, but as a quirky insight into my own 1970’s childhood (it would be great to see a continuation of their adventures: Topsy Meets the HRT doctor. Tim has a MidLife Crisis, that kind of thing) it fills me with warmth.


It’s a story about a visit to the park at the end of my road and the siblings’ funny adventures there and made me laugh that the story saw them painting the monsters and meeting artists who got to paint them. Was that artistic license? Did that happen? I feel an urge to know!


The book is out of print (and I can see why!) but it felt like a very special and privileged thing to have got hold of a copy and even more lovely for it to have arrived when I had forgotten all about it. Whenever I walk around the lakes near to the dinosaurs (which is often) I am always left remembering the early weeks of my pregnancy and a special May Bank holiday, 3 years ago, when my husband I spent a great day hanging out here and blinkingly adjusting to what lay ahead.

It stays in my memory as one of the happiest days of life so far and these “monster” pictures are from that day. Somehow, this book taps into that, which is why I ordered it, and for that reason this book made my day by reigniting in me a precious memory. All this happiness from a book.



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