Happy Monday

You’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve stumbled onto the wrong blog but WHAT A GREAT WEEKEND!

So, we didn’t make it to the tip (again), I didn’t clean my windows and there’s still the regular enormopile of washing to be done, but for once I don’t care all that much. In fact, we didn’t try to do anything else but let the Monkey have some fun with us, both for her sake and for ours. Alain de Botton this morning tweeted: “One of the best protections against disappointment is to have a lot going on.” I just about stopped myself from replying to him that it isn’t however the greatest protection against mental illness though. Yes, it’s lovely to have options, but if you’re not sharp, how you can make the most of them..? That’s my mission for 2012: to say no to anything that compromises me, my health or my family. I’m still working on the me and my health bit but making great inroads into the things that make me happy – and for me an easy place to start is reading.

The fact we finally got some sunshine and focusing on getting out in it meant we had a great time at Mudchute Farm and in Crystal Palace Park. Adults just don’t possess that same abandon when they’re running around, free, but I think there is something primal about the activity and I remind myself for the 11000th time just how much I loved being in shape and running. The other heartwarming thing about this weekend was a a realisation of how far we have come reading together. For the last three nights, Monkeyface has gone to bed clutching a book. On Friday, having read it together, it was Shark in the Park. This thrills me. I remember first reading Shark in the Park to her and looking forward to when she would say the rhymes with me and call out THERE’S A SHARK IN THE PARK! And now she is. Last night, my husband found her fast asleep, Meg and Mog pressed to her chest. Meg and Mog has a special place in my heart for it transports me straight to my infant school and she loves it too. I love everything about it and that’s unusual because I don’t generally associate my childhood with happiness, but this book does it for me.

When she woke up next to me on Saturday morning, having cried her way into bed with us at dawn, I was reading JPod and she was fascinated by my “big book” and the lego characters on the cover. The few hours she spent snuggled up, curled around me whilst I read were pure happiness. A perfect start to any weekend and a great weekend means a Happy Monday.


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