Love is all you need

Without drama or embellishment, today was a today we were lucky to see.

After a series of coincidences and freak choices , I got home close to midnight only to discover gas leaking into my flat whilst husband and daughter slept. British Gas responded quickly and thoroughly (THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU) although it took a number of hours and – once resolved – we both found it difficult to settle in order to get the remaining few hours of sleep left to us.

Despite exhaustion to the point of weeping and the reality of how close I came to losing those I love with all of my heart, today has equally been a beautiful, gentle day full of small treats and the wonders the world has to offer. After torrents of rain and hail, the day dawned bright blue and green, the monkey was full of love and limpet hugs when she awoke, I’m immediately drawn into the latest book I’m reading and tonight and Monkeyface insisted on trying to master her wildly expensive Scoot balance bike (indoors, but I think our neighbour owes us a few after last night) after months of being frightened of it and emphatically rejecting it. She also marched from bedroom to sitting room, relaying book after book before settling on Not a Box which she calmly and proficiently recited to me, identifying all of the pretend situations that the box was being used for. I’ve read this book to her just once or twice in recent months and she can explain the whole book back to me. Despite being dog tired, mrbookandbed and I were perhaps easily pleased today but nevertheless totally thrilled.

Perhaps a few casual close calls are pivotal to keeping you focussed you on what’s important. I haven’t moaned once about the washing up or the roof today. In place of the mardiness and default-mode irritation, I felt a strong and deep gratitude for those I love. When I got home, the offending neighbour who failed to turn off their oven before going to bed thereby almost transforming the downatheel converted Victorian townhouse in which we live into a big firework, had dropped in a bottle of (nice) wine with a card of apology earlier (he didn’t hang about to knock though). I’m thinking perhaps, just perhaps, I should be the one gifting him for the timely reminder and the chance to see beauty again today.


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