How to cheer up daddy

My husband works with a professional-strength misery-guts whose own kids once sent him a wakeup call card saying “hope you cheer-up soon.” This warning has become our shorthand when either of us are straying too far into territory signposted Morose.

Should you have your own partner who happens to be dad to a toddler and also a bit fedup, here’s my cutout and keep guide to getting them out of it:

1. Avoid getting blown up by stupid neighbour (always a good start)
2. Clear off for a few days to give them breathing space from your sighing. They can use this space to blow-up things virtually/ create/ get another job/ groom themselves/ study/ watch late night tv and get pissed. Whatever gets them through really
3. Have the foresight to have ordered Anthony Browne’s My Dad for Fathering Sunday. (But then be the type to need to cheer people up more than wait for Father’s Day and hand it over 3 weeks beforehand)
4. Watch whilst said partner/father dissolves into sobs of sentimentality and child refuses to go to bed without the book or daddy; “not you, mummy.I want daddy.”

My work here is done



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