Reading whilst doing

I’m a big convert to cramming books into the downtimes in our day. We’ve had lots of opportunity to cram in reading whilst out and about as between Friday morning and 4pm BST, we’ve not been home.

On Friday, I packed the Monkey into the bug and we headed off to see my mum. The weather has been ghastly, so we looked as though we were off to lay claim to a new frontier, with just about every inch of the bug rammed to bursting with a range of outerwear and footwear and the odd book tucked in for good measure. En route, we swung by the marvellous @inspirethings and jolly nice is was too. We packed in a long-overdue gossip, Borough Market (and cake), noodles at Wagamamas and the Golden Hinde. The final peek was useful, because one of the many things rammed into the buggy was Not A Box.









One of the pages in this book contains images of the bunny playing in a box (that isnt a box) and pretending that the box is actually amongst other things, a crow’s nest. I’ve struggled to explain this and then – what are the chances? – oh we’re wandering past a ship with a crow’s nest and also we have the book with which to compare the image. Later, when we read the book on the train to nanny’s she (loudly) proclaimed “it’s a crow’s nest.”  A success story for reading on the run!

On the train, we also read Meg and Mog. Monkeyface liked shouting out MEOOOOOOOW and BOOOOM. We were legitimately seated in first class. I quite enjoyed the stony silence from my fellow train-mates.



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