Meeting monsters

I know most of you havent spent this glorious weekend reading many books – we spent it in search of Quality Time together and I think we found it.

Yesterday the monkey exhausted herself at her dance class and we exhausted ourselves walking a six mile round trip to Coram’s Fields (worth the walk.) The mini monkey loved it and checking out London on the way back. Especially the view of the Thames from the Millenium Bridge.

We read nothing to her yesterday, but she had My Dad by Anthony Browne and I nearly fell off my seat when she spelled the titled out phonetically: “muh – ee – duh – ah – dad.” She remembered its first line too, despite our only having read it to her once. Truly, the human brain is astonishing.

Today, we had two visits to two separate parks. The first, this morning, was to play football and play on the slides, so we read no books at all. This afternoon, we intended to play in the sand at Crystal Palace Park.

However, monkey fell asleep before we got that far. Not before she said to me “can we see the dinosaurs mummy..?” Now, we’ve been to the park a lot, but I can’t remember ever deliberately pointing out the dinosaurs to her. Nor do we ever visit to see them.. We’re going to the playground or to see the farm animals. But still she remembered. And I can’t help but think it’s Topsy and Tim that made sense of that for her…



She may have fallen asleep before we got there, but she did get to see meet the monsters after all.



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