A monster romp

Aha! A rare occurence that I take a day’s holiday and actually fill it up with wonderful things. The flat isn’t bigger or tidier or cleaner but I successfully executed my one chore and then the Monkey and I spent the remainder of the day being together with and without books.

At the doctor’s surgery (my one chore), we read Up In The Tree together whilst we waited and the monkey wrapped the lovely nurse around her little finger.

Then, the rest of the day we had free to ourselves. We went to the park where we played in the sandpit, ate ice lollies, swung on swings, saw the farm animals AND MADE IT TO THE DINOSAURS, both awake! Hurrah!

Then we sat on my favourite little mound that oversees the Victorian dinos on their island. Or as Monkey called it “the faraway island.” We read Up In the Tree again together, sat among the trees. Monkeyface plonked herself on my lap, eventually grabbing the book by herself, and for about ten minutes we both just were. I don’t think we have had that in the longest time. It made me extraordinarily happy for the two of us to hang out together in peace and stillness.

Then we took a lovely walk to see my friend and her twins who are a year younger than the Monkey. At 18 months, they are at a stage in their development when they are nervous of new people and children but imagine our mutual delight when they spotted our copy of My Dad and queued up for a story. Thereafter, there was a sweet little interval as they delivered book after book for us all to read. They stood there identifying things in the books, beaming and looking crestfallen when the monkey took over and they couldn’t carry on communicating with us by themselves. To interact with such new and gentle beings through books was really special. My friend and I had a short chat about books before we had to leave for our own bedtime, but not before I had a chance to look at their own treasure chest of books. I love seeing other people’s books!

One of theirs in particular I really liked and we’ll be buying it for sure: Bumpus Jumpus Dinosaurumpus by Tony Milton and Guy Parker-Rees.

Appropriately, it went something like this:


Shake Shake Shudder near the Sludgy old swamp

Everybody’s doing the dinosaur romp!


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