Time to sleep

Mrbookandbed and I don’t get out alone much. There’s the tenner an hour babysitting before we even eat or drink anything (let’s forget the rookie error tonight of ordering wine without checking the price) the fact mrbookandbed works forty five miles from home, that we have to get back to collect the monkey at a reasonable hour and finally the fact she doesn’t want to go to sleep at all on these light summer nights and is even worse after we have collected her.
It’s 11.15pm and the child has only just stopped fighting sleep and everyone else. On my third visit to her room to calm her down, I found her in the dark, trying to read Octopus Socktopus. She went to sleep only after I lay it down next to her and promised to read it in the morning. We all had best get to sleep!


2 thoughts on “Time to sleep

  1. 45 miles from home to work! Wow, I’ll never moan about having to schlep across London again!
    At least you got a chance to spend some alone time together, it may cost a lot in time and money but the experience is priceless xx

    • Thank you! Yes, he’s a bit of a warhorse. He’s done it for NINE YEARS! Kerazy!
      We did have a giggle and soundtracked the evening, pretending to be Jack Davenport on the Barclaycard ads: “Dinner, £80. Wine, £45!!! Babysitter, £40. Two hours alone? Priceless”
      Best not to think about all of the above! ALWAYS CHECK THE PRICE OF THE WINE BEFORE YOU ORDER!!!!!

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