A booky result

Warning – there follows discussion about the loo!

Amount of time the monkey spent with Pirate Pete’s Potty and Everybody Poos? Five minutes. This is what followed

When she got up, she had tried to poo I think and I didn’t know this til I took her nappy off. She got a bit upset, which is normal. What isn’t is that she demanded “Potty! Potty!” Usually she would have become hysterical until I replaced her nappy. I’m stunned and very happy. So, I grabbed it, she happily sat on it and I continued to show her the potty books. She was transfixed. She eventually said “ I cant do it mummy” and so (as we needed to get going) I put her nappy on.

But, when we got to the front door, she started crying “I need a weewee. Need my potty” and so we went and sat on the potty. She’s done her weewee by that time (in her nappy) but… Result!

A very happy bookandbed. All hail books!


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