Neeeeew Boooooks!

When I arrived home from dinner last night, in between battling with the child to go to bed and watching another episode of the Killing (I know, I’m so behind), I barely had time to rip open the Amazon bundle awaiting me and check out our new exciting books! The arrival of new books fills me with anticipation and wonder. I used to be like this about new clothes. Now, books are my crack.

I am really excited about Everybody Poos by Taro Gomi – I have high hopes this book will revolutionise our potty training. It’s funny and pragmatic and I suppose its very existence reassures me that Monkeyface’s pooing behind chairs and hysteria about pooing in public or without a nappy is normal.

I also bought Pirate Pete’s Potty (stupidly not noticing the byline Potty training for boys – like, doh!) but a quick flick through it gives me no earthly indication why the monkey shouldn’t connect with it. There are no willies. Apparently there’s a Princess Polly’s Potty but I’m glad I didnt see that. I don’t think I’d have bought it if I had.

I’ve nothing against Kate Middleton, I’m sure she’s a nice woman, but why do all girls have to aspire to be princesses? And enough with the pink. Back to Pirate Pete, this seems a bit more of a thorough workthrough of potty issues than I Want My Potty (yes, I know she’s a princess in that book too!) Between Everybody Poos and Pirate Pete, we should soon have the potty licked. (Not literally.)

I also ordered The Holes In Your Nose which is fascinating but possibly a little too old for her. There are still pages from which I think she would benefit and some things I learned myself. It’s a journey into nostrils and what they do! Great pictures, simple text. I’m really excited to see how she responds to these new books.


Aside from the promise of the potty, the book I awaited with most anticipation is Operation Alphabet by Al MacCuish and Luciano Lozano. Monkey is really responding to our alphabet work now and this book is a real departure from our usual board books and simple stories. There’s a lot more text and I am not sure how her patience will hold out, but the pictures are much more detailed and I think these will really draw her in. It’s set in London and features a queen and has a distinctly vintage feel. I remember pouring old 50s and 60s books at my grandparents in the 70s and the pictures in this book are definitely reminiscent of that part of my childhood. Could this be more of the zeitgeist..? I really like it and I think she will too – eventually!


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