Finding a Solution

Our reading days are numbered in the short-term. Our child-minder is in revolt about our potty-training methods and rather than capitulate, swallow it down and regret it at leisure as we did with baby-led weaning, we’re feeling strong enough to take control. I must be becoming myself once more but I’m feeling confident enough to find solutions when things aren’t working the way you want them to. Or rather to rope the right someone else in to help me get the result I want!

My wonderful mum is going to look after the Monkey-face and spend the week following the potty-training regimen we started ourselves a week ago. We’ll be on holiday again all together a week later and we will continue in the same manner. So we have two weeks to try and move Monkey-face further down the potty training path before she returns to the child-minder. Either our method will have worked or it won’t and we’ll have to continue with the method she wants us to use. But I feel strongly enough to take action to try something. If it fails, then at least I tried and failed on my terms.

The downside is reading together will be suspended. But she’ll be reading with my own mummy, the woman who taught me and who instilled in me the love of reading that remains to this day. I’m sad, but she’s in safe hands. I’d rather I was the one reading with her, but the important thing is someone will be.


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