Snail and the Wail

So, yesterday we were all 3 of us reunited and today we are in a yurt in a quiet, muddy corner of Sussex.

The monkey-face is quite taken with the yurt and as a consequence has been a bit tricky to quieten down tonight. The glo-sticks and glo-balloons may not have entirely helped the situation though although the Alice in wonderland yurt does looks awesome as a result.

I attempted to read the Snail and the Whale to her but, but there was less engagement than I would have liked even though she asked me to read it again. Half an hour of stamping the floor. Half an hour of “I want a banana!” finally, a few minutes of “I want a wee in my potty” (the only time she EVER declares this, she’s either already running around naked or in bed trying to get attention.)

Better luck tomorrow night!



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