A glorious week

We’ve spent a gloriously fortunate week in the fields of fabulous Wowo, a worthy contender if ever there were for that overused epithet “National Treasure,” where we saw in mrbookandbed’s 40th year.

The week promised a washout of deluges and delivered only one, in the car, on the way. I expected little in the way of opportunities for literacy and yet we found ourselves reading The Snail and The Whale seemingly ceaselessly (the monkeyface is a tad obsessed.) We stayed in the Alice Yurt, complete with Alice in Wonderland-quote cushions that the Monkey tried to read. We wandered the Ashdown Forest that inspired Winnie the Pooh. And I got to read some books that weren’t written for toddlers.

Books read this week:

Snail and the Whale (of course)

Charlotte Street by Danny Wallace: I wanted to like this. But, it’s essentially of the same stock as Tony Parsons, Nick Hornby etc. In fact, it IS High Fidelity. I call it D***Lit.

The Sense of An Ending by Julian Barnes: Perhaps I was just in the wrong place this week, but I had so anticipated this novel and actually found it rather slight. I mean, it only won the Man…


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