40 Glorious Years!

Mrbookandbed has taken a leaf out of Her Maj’s book and we’ve had a week of extended celebrations, bunting and daddy flags to celebrate his auspicious birthday. The monkeyface very much liked helping create our techno-jubilee: see our techno daddy flags below!


She also liked it because she was the recipient of some gifts herself, when daddy’s birthday guests arrived yesterday not only generously bearing gifts for him but also – Lord love them – for her too. I am rubbish at this parenting business and have never ever gifted a child at a parent’s birthday! Oops!

She’s now the proud owner of a giraffe (Kate) who is bigger than her, a wonderful Crayola briefcase which she has toted around whilst declaring she’s off to school (!) and a collection of Mick Inkpen books. Wowser. We’ve only read “We Are Wearing Out the Naughty Step” together (albeit a lot!) but I really like This Is My Book and have a feeling we’ll be reading that a lot together!

The highlight of my day was the Monkey snuggled under her blanket with her little NCT birth-friend, reciting the Enormous Turnip to her! She could have chosen a better book to memorise, I’m sure Michael Gove would feel that at 2.5 years old she ought to be reciting Kipling, but we were very proud!


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