Reading with daddy



I’m writing this having found my daughter has taken herself off to bed for a sleep after wearing herself out at dance-class, this morning.

In between some light tantrumming, a spot of tennis watching and some finger- and unauthorised face-painting, the Monkey-face read with daddy and Katie the Giraffe.

She’s still not back-tracked to The Enormous Turnip and I think we can safely say that the new obsession is We’re Wearing out The Naughty Step.

We also discovered, amid a bout of laughter, that she’s cut not one but two back molars. We’re just waiting for the top two now. Teething has been the toughest part of parenting, with her extreme reactions to teething. To think that we are nearly through it is very odd – it’s another sign she’s growing up and so very fast. How far we’ve come.


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