In a variation from her other reading obsessions, Monkey has re-discovered her “aeroplane book.” Technically speaking, its the book about an airport that I bought when last I flew to Germany, back in December.

Mein Flughafen Koln/Bonn (My Cologne/ Bonn airport) is a kind of “Where’s Wally?” venture and is crammed with intricate pictures and things to spot. It’s pretty cool actually and I bought it from one of the shops in Cologne airport. It triggers lots of conversations about the scenes being played out on the A3 sized board pages – I’m certain it’s a book that will be useful for years to come.

It’s a shame it’s probably too big to accompany us on any future flights but it will probably make future hours spent languishing in airports easier to pass.

It’s not cheap (I can’t remember what I spent on this in the airport but it was possibly in the realms of 20 euros) but it has been a hit since I bought it for her from the age of 2. There are a number of books by Bachem Verlag in this theme and – as they are only illustrations – not speaking German is no impediment to their accessibility.

I love it when she rediscovers a book and – as today is undisputably torrential – I think we’ll be doing quite a lot of that!


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