Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

We all know that if signal failures are good for anything, it’s for catching up.
But I’m ignoring the books I’ve downloaded and could be reading, the accusing raft of unreplied-to emails and texts, the dates to meet up as yet unmade and the blinking, nagging requests to respond to overdue recommendation requests in LinkedIn. If I had time to think about writing things like recommendations in LinkedIn, I’d have written that letter I’ve needed to write to my freeholder forthe last six months about the roof leaking into my bedroom (that he will just ignore and I’ll have to arrange for it to be fixed myself anyway.) I hate LinkedIn. It’s just another place to rack up communication I haven’t the time to keep track of and another place to get nagged to do things. I know I’m writing this, but I spend 23/24 hours doing stuff for other people and this is for me, whereas the LinkedIn stuff isn’t.

Anyway, for this barren hour as I press up against someone’s unironed tee shirt that whiffs a bit of kitchen bins and we limp towards London Bridge with its broken signalling equipment (getaheadofthegames opines Boris!) I’m choosing YOU blog, you lucky overlooked thing, provided I can write this before a fight breaks out amongst passengers trying to board the train. And that’s a close-run thing.

Monkey face hasn’t had any books read with her before bed over the last few days as we’ve decided to unleash Immediate Exclusion for any Hitting, Kicking or Throwing Crap About infractions. We’ve managed some slight success with this in the last few mornings and so husband has read with her a little and this morning there was a small opportunity to review her airport book before she screwed up and ended up in toddler isolation, and the book was launched into orbit.
We seem to be back in trouble with the childminder who feels this behaviour is Very Serious (adopts serious face followed by uncharacteristic disapproving silence). I think this is supposed to imply that we as The Parents are in some way to blame for the way in which she manifests her frustration. Which may well be. Husband and I did have a back of the classroom giggle at the fact any positive milestone reached or cute thing MF does is down to Childminder, whereas any transgression is resoundingly ours!
Oddly enough, I feel less worried about the behaviour now and know if we are consistent, we will have ironed it out in a fortnight. What is this strange feeling of confidence and positivity? Have we met?

So, whilst I’ve no major children’s book discoveries to impart, because we haven’t been able to read together due to all of the above, books are at the forefront of her conscious. This morning she told me “I’m not a princess, I’m a big bad wolf” from Nadia Shireen’s Good Little Wolf. I opened my mouth to suggest she might prefer to be the Good Little Wolf. Then I remembered what happened to him.

And anyway, I feel like being the bad little wolf at today, too. Not much booking, but a bit of bucking. Feels good.


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