We came, we saw, we read, we danced!

A great weekend. I got punched in the face significantly less.

The child has had about a five day lay-off from the molar teething business and has therefore caught up on eating, sleeping and drinking. As have we. Just in time, because I did feel like the wheels were about to come off any day. I’m just not built for handling unrelenting abuse from those I love. Oh, now hang on a minute…

Day by day, she’s become stronger and I can see her behaviour improve incrementally too. Too late, I’m reminded that actually yes I DO know my child, I DO know what is going on and I am not going to listen to people tell me that wandering around walloping people is “her nature” when I know it bloody well isn’t.

We’ve had a high old time rediscovering the kind of things normal families who don’t get whacked in the kisser every five minutes do. Such as The Normous Turnip, Good Little Wolf and The Gingerbread Man. We’ve done some other stuff too, namely messing about scootering and dancing in the sun. Yes, the sun. Now you are just convinced I’m making all of this up, aren’t you..?

Weekend roundup follows!

  • Monkey didn’t hit anyone even ONCE before 5pm
  • Monkey ate every meal given to her (except the Hugh F-W Mushroom and Kale Lasagne that took 2.5 hours. I know. What WAS I thinking?)
  • Monkey scooted A LOT
  • Monkey used the potty and the toilet – and read a bit on both. NO accidents
  • Monkey decided she liked country music (head in hands)

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