Take one daddy…

What a wonderful day has been had in London today – it’s alive with the thrill of the impending Olympics and the hope that summer has finally arrived.

I was full of anticipation too, when I collected my Monkey-face after work. After a spell around the park and a happy trot home, we settled down to some blackboard work, a little light princessing and some tunes on daddy’s new Korg.

When bedtime came around, Monkey-face asked “can you read me a story about the duck that lost his keys?” Mrbookandbed found it amusing that she was putting in orders for a quite specific made-up stories. I realised though that actually she had just remembered this story (read once) from our last visit (about six weeks ago) to the library. We did borrow another book in this series called Duck in the Truck by Jez Alborough (now quite overdue actually) and it’s therefore this one that we read tonight. It’s the kind of book that has a winning formula for us.

It’s quite amusing, well drawn, it rhymes (which means she can join in and guess the word) and there’s a lot to talk about. We’ve been reading longer stories lately and so many of our picture books of this ilk have been forgotten lately – even those that aren’t ours – so it was nice to mix it up a bit and return to a format she likes. The Duck’s driving his rather sharp red truck (although it looks like a vintage car to me), possibly without due car and attention, and he ends up stuck-fast in some mud. Fortunately for him their are some other charitable animals about who give him a hand. I’m not sure they’d do it again…

It was past her bedtime when we finally got to read, so the deal was that she went and got her PJs in return for her story. Instead, she came running in with her duvet and was very clear she had other ideas.

To make your own daddy-bed you will need:

  • 1 daddy (or a mummy works just as well, if not better) who can be manipulated into a Z-bed position and who doesn’t complain too much if they get the odd foot in their ribs.
  • Your duvet or other night-time covers. (Pillows not needed, that’s what daddy’s knees are for)
  • A book you really want someone elseto read aloud for you

That’s it. You’re now the proud owner of one daddy-bed


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