Contrary Mary

The entire nation of kids seem to have been awake most of last night, if the social network is to be believed and I’m sure a nation of parents were crabby, tired and headachey today, as I was.

Still, I limped home looking forward to seeing the Monkey only to find her out cold, apparently tired from having had so little sleep last night.

So, you spend half your time desperate for them to shush and get to sleep and the rest of the time wishing they were awake for books and reading and play.

As someone very wise said last night: the days are long, but the years are short, so be patient with each other. I wish it wasn’t so, but I seem to spend all of my days just now wishing wishing wishing this wasn’t so and that our time together wasn’t so limited. If I think about this too much I focus on the wrong side of this equation. I wish she was awake now, but as she fell asleep in the car at 5.30, apparently, I doubt it will be many hours until I get my wish.

See you back here then, yeah?


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