Non-Olympic tie-in post

I’m struggling to justify this post because our weekend has been light on books, yet high on Olympics. I should be writing this on another blog, right? We made a torch, we watched the Opening Ceremony together, we’ve watched Olympics in the park on a big screen, we’ve watched Olympics at home on a smaller screen. We’ve spied the Olympic Park from the big wheel (not that I think the child knew what she was looking at.) We’ve done Olympic colouring-in. We’ve played Olympic tag. We’ve spied Olympic barges. We’ve even made an Olympic cake (with rubbish non-IOC-approved rings. Will my cake be impounded?) But I am ashamed to say we have not yet linked it to reading.

We’ve read a few books since Friday: namely the Gingerbread Man and The Holes in Your Nose. But no sports-related/ Olympic related books. What kind of parent-blogger-zeitgeist-ambulance-chaser am I anyway to not have this covered?

Any ideas?


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