The future’s calm

The Monkey woke up at 345am – which seems to be her witching hour – and took about an hour to settle down which I’d expected. I had quite a significant day at work today and the law of Sod dictated I’d be running on only a few hours sleep. Fortunately it all went off ok and the Monkey was in a great mood when we picked her up from the childminder which is ideal for sorting out an earlier bedtime routine.

Because of trying to get her earlier to bed, we had a smaller interval in which to read. Last night we only managed getting her down 15 minutes earlier but tonight we did hit our target for this week of 8pm. It is a shame, because I’d like to start reading some longer stories at night with her, but these things will come and helping her manage her temper and tiredness is a priority for everyone’s wellbeing. She does seem to have more of an appetite now for longer stories, but it takes a little while to get her engaged in a new book which is why a shorter period for reading is challenging. But we also acknowledge the second-wind she experiences which puts her on the verge of over- excitement when we read later. Although tonight’s reading was shorter, we did seem to catch a bedtime wave just before it swept us away on a tide of hysteria and violence. Despite some mild resistence, she did go to bed relatively easily and noone got hit. I’ve glimpsed the future and I believe reading together will become a relaxant and not a stimulant.



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