Biology for toddlers

A few months ago I bought The Holes In Your Nose by Genichiro Yagyu and I really liked it. Great graphics and equally graphic discussion and exploration of, you guessed it, The Holes in Your Nose. I did put it aside and thought that this wouldn’t interest the Monkey-face, that it would be too old for her to get and therefore she wouldn’t enjoy it. When will we ever learn how we limit ourselves? And because we limit ourselves, we can limit those around us.

Fortunately, observing others around us can help us to challenge our belief in our limitations. And mrbookandbed read/ explored this book with her a few nights ago and found it to be a hit, when I simply wouldn’t have bothered. Tonight she asked for it for bedtime, came to bed without incident, got into bed and settled down all set. This was a surprise as she had a dreadful night, waking at 0230 (presumed to be a nightmare), wetting the bed for the very first time, coming into our bed because I couldnt face changing the sheets at that time, only for us all still to be awake at 4am and then oversleep until 730am. (Thank you, Lord Coe for the Olympics and working from home today!) When we did finally awake, we found she’d weed in our bed too. Doom. So I really really wasn’t expecting getting her to bed tonight to be easy.

I don’t think I have ever heard her giggle so much at a book before. She loved pretending to have a cold, covering up her nostrils and trying to say “mummy” as though she had a cold. She thought not being able to smell poo when you have a cold was hilarious. She adored comparing nostril sizes. She was so happy, both with the attention and interaction, as well as with having fun. And a happy child might mean an overstimulated child, but usually it means a quiet night!

Here’s hoping!


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