This is My Book by Mick Inkpen

In between some Lympics and some bouncing and some Happyland track and field, I’ve been allowed to read the Monkey-Face a new book!

We’ve had This is My Book by Mick Inkpen for about five weeks and it’s not only my favourite Mick Inkpen book to date, but the Monkey-face liked it immediately and I really liked her reaction to it, which was extremely rewarding.

It’s a slight but exotic story, encouraging children to recognise letters, sounds and to understand how to distinguish letters from each other such as P and B. And there’s a pink dragon, ghost wolves and a Bookmouse. I was delighted that she identified a dragon herself and wanted to tear through the book to find it as it reappeared through the story, but I was also delighted that she recognised lots of the letters that appear and disappear through the story. I just know that this will be top of the list to be read tomorrow night.

It’s so nice to introduce some variety when she becomes fixated on a story like the pain that was The Enormous Turnip or We’re Wearing Out the Naughty Step or The Gingerbread Man (which I really liked.) We did read The Gingerbread Man tonight (I pretended I couldn’t find The Enormous Turnip) and bless the girl for trying, we had a little conversation about baking.

MF:Is she making a Chocolate cake? Is she making a chocolate cake for your birthday? Is she making a cake with her rolling pin? Have YOU got a rolling pin mummy..?

Me: Bedtime!

I have only myself to blame. She sees a gingerbread man running quickly and think of the Olympics and Usain Bolt? No. She sees an opportunity for more cake. #obesityfail


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