Early warning

What a lovely evening I had with the Monkey-face, which can only mean one thing: tomorrow will be a challenge. In my world, whenever I have a car-crash-arguing-with-strangers-cant-find-bugger-all-late-for-everything day the next is always a blinder. I’ve shut my eyes to this because I haven’t wanted to see that equally the reverse is true. It’s only fair – we can’t have all of the good days.

Tonight there were no toilet accidents, we were serenaded by a really lovely guy playing saxophone in the high street. Monkey-face danced away home to the Pink Panther theme and My Favourite Things. It was a lovely gift of a moment.

Monkey face was really loving and ran off to bed early and without argument. When she asked for a story she accepted a new book without batting an eyelid.

We read Rumble in the Jungle by Giles Andreae, David Wojtowycz and had a high old time spotting the ants, identifying the animals and the noises they make and mimicking them as I read the little rhymes for each type of beast. I’d seem this book at a friend’s and really liked it, do its good it’s starting to earn its keep.



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