Exhibiting stellar parenting skills here by posting whilst the Monkey is watching a Sky Plussed episode of Abney and Teal, but in my defence, she needs a poo and doesn’t want to go. I did attempt to keep her company on the floor, but when the tv is on (which isn’t often these days), I am dead to her “don’t KISS me, mummy”. *Swallow.*  She’s not even three and already I am superfluous.

I’m just trying to demonstrate the good habits of making time work for me and on our way home from the childminder there was another instance of this. Turning into our road with its name in lovely bold black capitals at a 3 year old’s head height, it was the perfect excuse to spot-check some letters that Monkey-face struggles with.

“Where’s the L?” “Where’s the W?” and “Where’s the P?”

She got each letter right – I am so chuffed! The alphabet is so boring (and complicated – how did any of us ever learn the letters’ names and varied phonetics?) and sometimes I feel we’ve taken many steps backwards. I’m reminded it IS all going in and that keeping it fun for both of us whilst we plug away if the thing. It was a lovely reward at the end of a trying day.


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