Retail therapy at 30 degrees.

Another hottie today in our neck of the woods and a good reading day.

The Monkey-face declined when I tried to read her Neil Gaiman’s book of short stories, M is for Magic (which I haven’t read for myself yet), and came bounding back with Commotion in the Ocean and Rumble in the Jungle, both by Giles Andreae and David Wojtowyczor, for me to read instead.

We had a lot of fun reading these – her dad was out and so I could make up loud, silly tunes for each animal/ sea-critter rhyme without worrying who could hear my out-of-tune riffs. I’m not especially musical and my voice veers between passable to flayed cat, but since I’ve had her I’ve acquired this odd habit of improvising silly songs or tunes and this is what happened tonight, setting the rhymes to a song. I’m not sure how long I’ll get away with this for however, I did notice her looking at me askance now and then. She loved the books however so much that she got daddy to read them again at bedtime. He story tops me most of the time, but she didnt get silly tunes from him tonight so maybe I still have that as my thing for now.

Anyway, we’ve ordered another book today from this winning author/ illustrator combination: Dinosaurs Galore! Monkey-face is really into dinosaurs at the moment, maybe because we live by a huge park with historic victorian dinosaurs, maybe it’s just a kid thing. Either way, I’ve been meaning to get some more dino books for her and this one seemed a good place to start. We went there today and she seems more and more taken with them each time we go. The spot is precious to us and even if it were not the scene of early pregnancy walks, a birthday picnic on the day she first crawled, and lots of walks and trips to the petting zoo ever since, I’m sure Victorian dinosaurs in the middle of a south London park would strike anyone as a bit special. So there we were again today and, whilst browsing dinosaur books, I saw Bumpus Jumpus Dinosaurumpus by Tony Mitton, Guy Parker-Rees. I’ve got nothing (yet) by Tony Mitton, but Guy Parker-Rees illustrates an early favourite, Giraffes Can’t Dance. The title did it for me, though.

Yesterday I mentioned I bought my friend’s youngest daughter A Place to Call Home by Alexis Deacon and Viviane Schwarz on the basis of my love of Beegu and There Are No Cats in This Book and I knew I’d end up getting it for us too. I can’t wait to get the wrapper off this when it arrives! I have also been meaning to pick up There Are Cats in This Book and so into the basket this went too!

For no greater reason than Monkey and Me by Emily Gravett and Gorilla by Anthony Browne were in check-out later and once I start I really can’t stop, these are on the way too. I need another wing.


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