Small Mercies

Today I’ve felt really down. I’m partly exhausted, partly really disappointed and a whole lot just really tired of not making any headway. So I’m so very grateful that, whenever those days come around that just don’t go your way or you’re not feeling the love, also the most lovely things happen, sometimes they are just a little sign that – whilst it may not seem like it – things do move forward.

A constant reminder of this is my lovely Monkey-face. Here she is, spontaneously picking out letters on the way home this evening and lifting me up in a timely yet simple way – a reminder that, even though we may feel areas of our lives are stagnating, there is always progress that can be made. When we got home, I also found that my eye-wateringly expensive camera was actually still working and dried out after an unexpected drenching by that same MF, yesterday. In the last 24 hours I have learned that the husband was right to caution me not to take bath-time photographs and I also learned that – by saving my camera, which I cannot afford to replace and which the husband painstakingly saved to buy me for my 40th when we were totally skint – that someone up there likes me. Yes, it would have been covered by our insurance, but that really wouldn’t have been the point. I may be so frustrated I want to eat my own head, but I’m also really really grateful for the little things as well as the quite big things. To the wo/man upstairs, thankyouveryverymuch.

“Fall down nine times, get up ten.”


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