Return of the mummy

Living with a toddler can be gruelling, but it can also be thrilling. My daughter is an unrelenting daddy’s girl. I won’t lie, there are days when this totally pisses me off.

You’ll be thinking “c’mon, who’s the adult here?” but when you have so little time together, you want your share of the giggles and love. To go through the constant knock-backs of “NO! Daddy do it!” feels very deflating.

The Monkey-faced one has been fantastic over the last few days and has reminded me of the unadulterated joy of life. Perhaps it’s been my response to her, but she’s been full of fun and willingness to share that with me and to play with me. It’s like I’m suddenly back in the room!

Tonight she toddled off to bed with daddy and her book. From the living-room, I heard her tell him “no, mummy read it with me.” You just can’t argue with that.

Tonight we read: Jack and the Beanstalk   


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