Now that we’ve had our blog birthday, and summer and the Paralympics are over, it feels like bookandbed should be resetting the post-counter to 001. But I have no control over such things, and so the spiritual “restart” will have to linger in our hearts instead of in the cyber library.

I had lots of plans for yesterday, but it ended up being a rest day for us all and Monkeyface and I read quite a lot, all at her instigation. How is any day spent in pyjamas, tickling, laughing and reading ever wasted?

In reward for all of the potty-training and sleep despair, she put herself on the potty around 5 times and as she often does these days she just took herself to bed at 8pm. Perhaps she’d heard that Coldplay were playing the closing ceremony of the Paralymic Games.

We read:

The Christmas Book by Dick Bruna (we beat the cards making an appearance in the shops!) You may guess that I didnt instigate reading this book

The first Chapter of Finn Family Moomintroll. I’m not sure how much attention she was paying. She didnt run away but we were equally playing “hide from the big bad wolf”under the duvet at the time!

Love Monster by Rachel Bright.

She also loves playing with the Alphabet app on my iPad, which is a lot of fun.


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