I’m home. What a few days. Where to start?

The Monkey-face has been offered 15 hours at nursery school for when she turns three. We’ve accepted, and the team there are really lovely. She’ll go for 3 hours a day, will be dropped and collected by the childminder and shone with happiness when mrbookandbed took her there to check it out. It was quite thrilling, really.

She was completely wonderful, later that day, on the train to mum’s excepting the last ten minutes when she was text-book noncompliant. But it had been a long journey and quite a busy day.

She’s started taking herself off to bed and asking for her story before settling down for the night. She’s also totally adept at answering the telephone at nanny’s – our home phone is trickier. It will be a sad day when she can answer that!


The thing I am most thrilled about (and which I have mentioned before) is her development with the alphabet, my bete noir. And it’s all down to that fantastic Singing Alphabet app which I really love – but not as much as her! She’s as eager to call for that as she is to watch Peppa Pig or to read a book. It’s thrilling!

Also exciting is trying to get monkey to hold a pen correctly and mum helped her write her name (ok, mum was also holding the pen, too – she’s not some kindergarten prodigy!) but it looked kind of … wonderful!

Finally, we’ve also heard some heart-stopping news – whether we/ one of us decides to act on it is a different matter, but it could be the trigger to launching us – finally – onto the path we’ve hoped for for so long. After such a long painful time, things are moving again for us, and it’s thrilling at a time when we’re probably both ready to start moving forward again too.


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