The Agony, the Ecstasy. The Agony again

Ok, so last night was rotten, today wasn’t all that hot either but the highlight of my day was actually the rain. Yes, the rain. Because, despite traumatically pooing her own body weight in the last 24 hours, MonkeyFace was full of beans. It was fantastic getting her to run from puddle to puddle in an attempt to get her to the childminder and me into work before it was time to come home. It gave me a real lift out of the inevitable doldrums and stress of the night before.

So, fast forward to tonight. Mrbookandbed collected her. I got home, thinking husband and offspring would be already in and hiding from me, but having scoured the flat (well, not so much scoured but rather popped into a few rooms, we don’t have separate wings or anything), I realised they weren’t back yet. So, being the mature parent I am and possibly unhinged by all manner of things, I decide I would hide instead. It’s hot under a child’s duvet for any length of time (about 5 minutes) but I got the payoff, noone died of shock and the kid’s fine today. No poo has cometh.

At bedtime there was the inevitable low when MonkeyFace hovered around a tantrum because she wanted me to read her some ghastly Disney tie-in of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. We’ve obviously got too many books because I have no idea where it came from although I strongly suspect my mother or the Childminder. I also strongly suspect it won’t be there tomorrow when she gets home either because I was most put out when I tried to continue reading The Enchanted Wood: “NO mummy. It’s BORING!” To be told by a child who is not yet 3 that a book – any book – is boring is unforgiveable.

Heads will roll.

We compromised by letting her play with her German Flughafen book until she fell asleep. It worked.


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