Of course, as well as being completely unable to lock down an option, thereby leaving aaallll other options open (theoretically) I’m also a Libran so change my mind many many many many times before then completely locking on a course of action. Which is – actually – then usually fairly entrenched.

So, there I am this morning posting an explanation about why I am really not posting very much and then. BAM! Along comes a completely spectacular day that just cannot not be posted about. To do so (or not) would be illegal in the bookandbed book of what must be blogged about.

Do I have to rehash our recent history? Do I? If you’ve read this blog, you’ll have been privy to the varying degree of my ravings throughout this time and if you haven’t read from the beginning, that’s what the history is for. If you can’t be arsed, it goes: girl is a crazy workaholic, girl has a baby, girl gets made redundant straight after babyhood. Girl rips out hair. Girl gets new (wonderful) job. Girl finds one cannot be in two different countries at same time. Girl leaves job and changes tack. Where is boy? Boy is on motorbike commuting like crazy. Where is baby? Baby is now toddler, toddler likes books. Which is lucky considering the title of this blog. It’s almost as though I planned it this way.

Today boy got off motorbike – well, not yet, not yet, but soon… After ten years. Our world is moving moving moving. It is finally moving. And tonight my world is full of the joy of dreams being realised and at the same time my daughter is in bed, asleep with her arms locked around a book.

All of these things a year ago were unthinkable and it started with some wonderful people a year ago who I’d only just met who put me back together and taught me to believe as well as some people who have known me for the best part of my life who held me on course. Thank you X


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