High hopes

Weekends appear and with them the tide of renewal and possibility that by Monday is foam on the horizon.

This weekend was not like that, although for the most part the todo list remains such as was minus a few items. It’s the items we choose to strike from the do list that determines how we feel by Monday though isn’t it? And what does it tell us about our priorities and free time if our emphasis is on what we feel must be achieved in this time?

Anyway, whilst I’m sitting here all crossed legged and zen, just what was so special about this weekend that sets it apart from so many of the others?

1. I embarked upon something I’ve wanted for so long but felt I couldn’t that the not trying in itself had become debilitating.

So I answered some questions about why that was. I felt a sense of achievement and place. I felt gratitude for all the things and people who had got me to this point.


2. How we currently live is unsatisfactory and one very large problem to do with this has now been resolved without drama.

I feel pride and hope and possible

3. I got to spend time with people I love dearly but feel I have little time for

This means that I and my husband and friends got to read with Monkeyface

4. I head to work today feeling still despite the fact a daunting number of things lie ahead.

I know what’s important to me and I know if I focus on that, the rest will follow.

I have no further clarity on how or what but for the first time in many many years it seems much less important. Let’s see if we can hold onto that.

I’ve got very high expectations of forthcoming weekends


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