Monday in two parts

The monkey is in her bed and I am in mine – all snuggled up against the cold and the tiredness of life in the slow lane.

After the highs of the last few days and inevitable crash has befallen me having collected a happy Monkeyface from her childminder who had no sooner declared “we’ve had a lovely day” when the monkey kicked off for trying to zip up her cardigan. She yelled, bit and kicked me and I tried dead hard to not lose it. I’ve been on three days of NLP therefore my psyche should surely now be strong enough to handle the nonverbal disapproval. I’m neurotic enough to be convinced of a secret triumph in her silence.

Down the road we trudged, withme trailing a squealing, biting child by her reins and breathing very, very, very deeply. Peace was only secured by the arrival of my friend and her (non screaming) son. The child (mine) rounded off the day by shouting at me for helping her with her pasta then pooing in her pants in her room having been sent there to calm down.

We finally got to “read” her “airoport” book which worked out until I tried to indicate policeman in the book which is apparently unapproved activity. It went sailing over my head, so that was the last she saw of it this evening. It kind of went in the same direction as my positivity and happiness, so I’m off to bed.


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