Lovely day

What a nice weekend.

No, I didn’t get much off the never-ending todo list, no I didnt shake the cold that will not die, no I didn’t win the lottery or win the war on cake, but as a colleague assigned me the task of writing an essay on positivity, perhaps in the same way your mum might have told you “go sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done,” I’m resolved to focus on the positive at least for the duration of tonight’s post.

We ate some really fantastic home-made curry at the home of my husband’s colleague’s (and if that didn’t see off my cold, in all probability nothing will), I got to sort through some of the Monkey’s toys, really spring-clean the living room (shame about the rest of the flat), got my hands on my favourite perfume that I’ve not been able to get hold of for a year AND read with the Monkey.

We’ve read the Gruffalo about 4 times today alone, despite Monkey-face being really out of sorts because we got home much too late for her yesterday. Despite this, we’ve made a few leaps forward.

She’s finally figured out how to play her trumpet (this may not be welcome progress), has been playing with her alphabet flash-cards and she drew her first unassisted, spontaneous picture and although I didnt like what she sees, this was such a great high!


She’s also been fascinated by the Gruffalo for a few days now, even though she has some new books to occupy her. I’m really enjoying how she’s rediscovering her older favourite books. Before she went to bed, we put on the recording of The Gruffalo film and she watched it will full attention for the first time. Observing her reactions was really amusing.



I particularly loved how she didn’t ask to watch the movie again but for me to read the book to her before bed.



Once I’d finished, she asked if she could have the book to go to sleep with.  What a lovely, lovely day.


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