This Moose Belongs to Me

We’re stuck in a not unenjoyable loop, reading wise at the moment and as a blogger, I can either spin out as many Gruffalo-related posts as you the reader can stand or I can write about life, shoe-horning in a tenuous nugget of book-related doings to try and justify the post. I’ve been doing that for the last year you say? Nice spot.

We have been doing lots of developmental things and the Monkey’s drawings are coming on amazingly well. She seems to want to draw and paint more over the last week, and three years on I’ve kind of decided to ignore our Prime Minister and decide I know what’s best for the kid and let her just do what she wants to do for entertainment without getting too hung up.

Meantime, books have been arriving at Bookandbed towers and the newest one, This Moose Belongs to Me by Oliver Jeffers, is waiting to be wrapped up for the imminent 3rd birthday. I had a little look this morning and wonder what she will make of it. It’s about ownership and boundaries and rules and a little boy (and some adults) who all think they own a moose. But the moose is just a moose and is happy to be, and who pays no heed to The Man. I like it – especially the illustrations that are really evocative of the great plains (not that I have seen them, but I have seen Brokeback, c’mon) and I really wonder what the Monkey will make of it. It’s possibly a little old for her, but I think she will like the moose, who is instantly likeable and accessible for a small person and I know she will understand the concept of a pet having its own personality because only yesterday I asked her what she liked most about nanny and she replied “Charlie.”

Perhaps it will help us unwrap the overused phrase “Mine!” too.





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