Many of the most precious moments in my life have come from reading with my daughter and some really beautiful moments happened only this morning as a result of the daily game-show that is getting 3 people ready in one hour.
The Monkey awoke and after safely navigating the land of tickle spiders with daddy, she emerged clutching The Gruffalo’s Child and exhorting “mummy, read it.” After we’d worked on better ways to ask people to do things for you, read we did.
I’ve noticed that – unlike almost everything else that she demands daddy do – reading is usually a mummy task. I like that.
I’ve noticed her comprehension improving and I’ve started to question her about the things that we have just read. And she’s just started questioning me about the meaning of things.
As I was reading with her, I had my daily morning tea bought to me by my wonderful husband. I asked her to spell out the letters on the mug and together we spelled F-O-X. I was THRILLED that she correctly guessed that F-O-X was fox and that the WHOLE WORD spelled Foxy. “What’s Foxy?” she asked and it was fun to explain that it was a word that described something. She is pretty, daddy is funny and a fox is foxy! I’m not sure that she got it but I love that she was repeatedly asking “what does that mean?”
She also started to have fun with the questioning and answering because when I read the word “boulder” she asked “what’s a boulder?”
I explained it was a big rock. “What’s a rock mummy?”
“You know what a rock is – its a big stone.”
“What’s a stone mummy?” She’s not some kind of idiot, she knows what a stone is, she was just horsing around.

A few minutes later I heard her with her daddy:
“What are teeth daddy?”
“They are these things in your head – HERE!”
“What’s a head daddy..?”
Fun times ahead for the childminder today


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