There is only now

I’ve heard a lot of talk in the last 12 months about mindfulness and a lot of it has tripped out of my own ever-flapping jaws, but a year ago I started to train myself to grab some kind of co-ownership of my habitually harried brain. It would be nonsense to claim that I am yet in full control of the steering wheel, but I’m ashamed to say that whole weeks used to pass without my waking up to myself and those I love. I sleep-walked through my life, a home movie of the past was always playing in my head other then when I was performing work-related tasks which were the only things that drowned it all out. It was like living wearing headphones and those new-fangled movie-glasses, my inner dialogue obscured everything.

These days, I am at least aware of my thoughts, feelings and surroundings at frequent points in the day. Most importantly I am far more aware of my child. There are activities in our day where I find it much easier to be fully present and not only aware of her but also myself.

Reading together is our foolproof way of accessing this state.

Reading together at the end or the beginning of the day refocuses me on my priorities, my hopes and aspirations for myself.

Reading together reaffirms the parent and example I hope to continue to grow to be for her.

Reading together is our prayer. Reading together is our church.

When we read together there is only now.


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