So soon

Well, I certainly didn’t intend that my previous post would be up here so long without company. It does tend to create a certain impression, what with being followed by silence that I was up on the ledge again. I haven’t been. It’s just been a marathon and wholly satisfying week.

The Monkey-face turned 3, but before that could happen I had to complete a lot of work, drive 120 miles and back to collect my mother and dog (which included the reemergence of child and dog car-sickness), bake and ice a three-tier Toy Story birthday cake, wrap a hillock of gifts, organise a birthday party, greet and entertain my mother-in-law and ensure my child didn’t die of over-excitement. My husband also started a new job the day before the child’s birthday. Once all of that was over, then the child started pre-school. I’ve had whole years pass without the same level of expectation and achievement involved with this week. At its beginning, I wasn’t sure how I would make it through and it certainly didn’t allow for time to blog.

Looking back, however impossible it appeared staring up at the climb, it’s been a great and successful week.

We haven’t read a lot of books, yet reading is crucial to our every day. Monkey-face asks what everything says: road signs, street names, letters on boxes, writing in cards… it’s magical. She also received a small stack of books for her birthday and one immediate hit has been Oliver Jeffers’ This Moose Belongs to Me. When we read it on her birthday, she wanted me to read it over and over and over. I really like it and obviously so does she.




On her first day at nursery, having had a lovely walk through the park, we were a little early and sat in the small library area with some books. We picked up Lauren Child’s That Pesky Rat. It was so familiar to her, to sit and pass the time with a book, and so reassuring for me, that I was almost sad when we were finally told we could join the class which meant leaving the book, and her non-school days, behind. I stayed for a little while to help her settle, a catch in my throat as I came to terms that we were here so soon.


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