First word!

Aside from Elmer’s Colours – a bit of a snoozefest – we have read and reread This Moose Belongs to Me by Oliver Jeffers over and over recently, and last night I read a new book “The Alphabet Tree” by Leo Lionni. It’s a 60s classic, very of its time, about the power of letters, words and the right sentences. I love it, but then we all know I’m a hippy lefty. The monkey loved it too and was very very keen to see the page where the wind blows all of the letters off the tree again and again. mrbookandbed found it really funny that she couldn’t have cared less about it’s central message of peace and goodwill to all men and was most taken with the imperilled letters being blown off the tree by the fierce wind. I think our daughter may actually grow up to be a right-wing dictator…

The book’s drive is to help children move from letter recognition to understanding that letters make words and I suppose to identify what some of those words may be. Monkey-face asked “what do that word means?” and she spelled out “c-a-t… CAT!” Her very first read WORD! Thrilling!


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