The school-bag

So, the monkey-face is now at (pre)-school and I feel a bit lost. I neither take her or drop her at school and I seem to be operating in a bit of a fog as to what goes on there and how she is getting on. All I know is that everyday she comes home via the childminder and my home is slowly filling up with things to do from the  school. I’m feeling a kind of low-level out of control panic about these various bits of paper. Added to that is the school bag and the reading book.

On Friday, monkey came home with a book on loan from school, called Elmer’s Colours. If I’m frank, it’s a bit of a boring book of opposites that I don’t think Monkey asked for again, but I suppose we had better try and read it together at least once more and I think I’m supposed to write in her school book about reading it with her… From what I can tell, this appears to be my homework with her. I just know that this book – or if not this book then some other book – is going to get lost in our home. Look at how I got on with the library books… This is not a good idea.

There’s now this duality of trying to blog consistently about reading books together and now having to also write in the reading book too, to evidence we are reading together… I am very tempted to write “I’ve gone electric – please read” That wouldn’t be desperately supportive I guess. I’m now in fear of when she commences big school… I think I may retake my GCSES as preparation.



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